Analyze your files with Metashield Clean-up Online.

To analyze the metadata in a file, choose the file below and click on "Analyze". Once you accept the Terms and Conditions of Use for Metashield Clean-up Online servicea screen will appear with the summary of metadata found.

No file selected

Analysis and cleaning of metadata without complications.


Open Office

.odt .ods .odg .odp .sxw .odf .ott .oth .odm .otg .otp .ots


.docx .doc .pptx .ppt .ppsx .pps .xlsx .xls .xlsm .xltx .xlsb .tmp .xar .asd .wbk .xlk .xlt .wpd


.pages .key .numbers


.jpg .jpeg .raw .png .tiff .tif .svg .svgz .cr2 .crw


.mp3 .avi .mp4


.zip .tar


.pdf .rtf .wnry .wry .indd .rdp .ica

(1) iWork 2013 and earlier versions.

(2) To analyze compressed file extensions, you must first purchase Metashield Clean-up online.

Metashield Clean-up Online is an online service of the Metashield Protector family that allows you to register, analyze and clean, from any place, the metadata contained in your office documents, as well as having an API so you can integrate it with other processes.

For unregistered users, the service provides a free and unlimited basic file scanning environment that will help you check the sensitive content that your files include.

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