Analyze your files with Metashield Clean-up Online.

To analyze the metadata in a file, choose the file below and click on "Analyze". Once you accept the End User License Agreement (EULA) of Metashield Clean-up Online a screen will appear with the summary of metadata found.

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Analysis and cleaning of metadata without complications.


Open Office

.odt .ods .odg .odp .sxw .odf .ott .oth .odm .otg .otp .ots


.docx .doc .pptx .ppt .ppsx .pps .xlsx .xls .xlsm .xltx .xlsb .tmp .xar .asd .wbk .xlk .xlt .wpd


.pages .key .numbers


.jpg .jpeg .raw .png .tiff .tif .svg .svgz .cr2 .crw


.mp3 .avi .mp4


.zip .tar


.pdf .rtf .wnry .wry .indd .rdp .ica

(1) iWork 2013 and earlier versions.

(2) To analyze compressed file extensions, you must first purchase Metashield Clean-up online.

Metadata, or «data about data», hidden in files and documents that we work with every day can help malicious users to obtain critical information about our company's environment.

Metashield Protector is a family of products that helps prevent information leaks through metadata. Its range of products provides organizations with a set of security solutions that can be adapted to a variety of needs for definitive and easy analysis and removal of metadata.

Metashield Clean-up Online is a service that allows you to analyze and clean metadata contained in office documents, no matter where you are. Metashield for Client allows you to remove metadata in individual PCs, while Metashield for Server solutions (IIS, File Server, Sharepoint), allow automated and centralized cleaning and implementation.

Metashield Protector

Metashield provides organizations with a comprehensive response to implement preventive policies for document management.
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